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hotels in zakopane poland

Most hotels in Zakopane are located in the centre, which mainly means Krupowki Street. Staying in a centrally located hotel in Zakopane is a good choice if you want to feel the vibrant atmosphere of the town, enjoy comfortable accommodation in Zakopane and stunning views of the Tatra Mountains.

The longest pedestrian avenue in Poland, this sloping street is lined with good shops, cafes, nice restaurants, highlander houses made of wood and plenty of interesting attractions of Zakopane. Hotels in this area are very attractive and conveniently located. There are horse carriages instead of cars, a stream running down from a forest, and a great traditional market with cheese, furs and wooden furniture in the lower part of Krupowki. Some of the best hotels in Zakopane are located near this fashionable street, which is certainly the number-one location in the Polish Tatras.
Outside the area.
People who come for a short time tend to stay in the city centre, but Zakopane accommodation right on the mountain slopes or in the charming valleys are also extremely popular among the visitors of Zakopane. Hotels in this area are mostly chosen by visitors who come to enjoy nature, hiking or skiing. From a Zakopane hotel, situated in this location, you can also quickly get to Slovakia.

Zakopane is a hotel paradise. There are still not enough hotels in Zakopane to meet the demand in the high summer season, in December, January and in February. The best Zakopane hotels are booked out almost for the whole year and it is thus advisable to plan your stay in Zakopane hotels in advance. In winter it becomes "the winter capital of Poland" and the number of visitors increases. Come to see how deservedly popular Zakopane is and do not be afraid to venture into the beautiful Tatra Mountain.

I like this hotel......... Hotel Litwor..... Krupówki 40, 34-500 Zakopane

Staff always friendly and helpful,and the service is exceptional.

you can fly or drive to Zakopane in poland, i have done both...
If you decide to fly to Zakopane you will need to fly to Katowice airport in the southen area of poland,then it's about two and an half hours be car...
it's a good idea to rent a car for this from the airport.

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